JUKI SMT RS-1R pick and place machine fast Smart Modular Mounter

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Maximum speed of up to 47,000 cph*. This is made possible by a revolutionary head design that reduces the travel time and distance for every placement.Changing the RS-1 functionality does not require head replacement. The revolutionary design self-optimizes based on the production requirements. The RS-1R can reduce the workload on high speed. A line with two or more RS-1Rs can adjust to a wide variety of production requirements from high speed to high flexibility."Takumi head" that automatically optimizes it's height between 6 different positions based on component height. Tact time is optimized by keeping the head as close to the PCB as possible for the components placed.RS-1R supports components from 0201*1(metric) up to 74mm square or 50x150 retangular parts. Component height up to 25mm● High-precision placement of diffusion lenses. RS-1R can use either vision or laser centering for diffusing lenses, depending on the component requirements. A wide range of lens styles can be placed.Up to 650 x 370mm with single clamping. LED chip Conveyor direction 2nd clamp placement area  ● Long PCB Support Up to 950 x 370mm with dual clamping, or up to 1200 x 370mm with optional conveyor extensions.By measuring the resistance, capacitance or polarity before production starts, the machine can prevent incorrect components from being placed.
Model RS-1R
Conveyor specification standard 150mm conveyor extensions, upstream and downstream 250mm conveyor extensions, upstream and downstream
Board size    minimum 50×50㎜
maximum   1buffer  650×370 ㎜ (Single clamping)
950×370 ㎜ (double clamping) 1,100×370 ㎜ (double clamping) 1,200×370 ㎜ (double clamping)
3buffers 360×370㎜ 500×370㎜ 600×370㎜
Component height 25㎜
Component size 0201*1 ~□74 ㎜ /150×50 ㎜
Placement speed  Optimum 47,000CPH
IPC9850 31,000CPH
Placement accuracy ±35μm(Cpk≧1)
Vision recognition ±30μm
Feeder inputs max.112*2

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