Lead-free reflow soldering CY-A4082

1. Heating mode is "upper circulating hot air + lower infrared hot air". It is equipped with three forced cooling zones. 2. Upper heating adopts microcirculation heating method, which can achieve large heat-air exchange and has very high heat exchange rate. It can reduce the setting temperature in the temperature zone and protect the heating elements. It is particularly suitable for lead-free welding. 3. Microcirculation heating mode, vertical air blowing and vertical air collecting can solve the problem of dead angle when using guide rail in reflow soldering. 4. Microcirculation heating mode, close to the air outlet, can effectively prevent the influence of air flow when PCB board is heated, and achieve the highest repeated heating accuracy

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5. The lower heating adopts "infrared +. Hot air" mode, which can effectively penetrate the PCB and heat the pad on the welding surface; At the same time, in order to prevent the non-uniform heating of pure infrared, the hot air circulation is increased. This not only enhances the heating capacity, but also ensures the PCB heating uniformity. 6. Segmented layered cooling system, up and down cooling mode, can effectively control the cooling rate, PCB outlet temperature is less than 50 degrees. 7. Synchronous rack and rail transmission mechanism to ensure the accurate width adjustment and high service life of guide rail. 8. The computer-controlled automatic lubrication system can automatically lubricate the transmission chain by setting the refueling time and refueling amount through the computer. 9. Integrated control window, computer switch, electric width adjustment, test curve, print curve and data transmission are easy to operate 10. Curve test and curve analysis function can analyze the maximum temperature, interval time, heating and cooling rate, which is convenient for process adjustment. 11. The operating system with password management can prevent irrelevant personnel from changing process parameters, and the operation recordmanagement can trace the change process of process parameters to facilitate the improvement of management. 12. Windows 7 Windows operation interface, Siemens PLC + LCD computer control system, with high security function 13. Rosin recovery system, rosin directional flow to the storage bottle, replacement and cleaning is very convenient. Stainless steel tube is used to transfer waste gas, life-long maintenance free. 14. The optional nitrogen distribution system and cooling system of chiller are available. When the nitrogen consumption is 20m3/h, the oxygen concentration in welding area is lower than 500ppm
CY A series Reflow soldering technology parameters
Series A series
Model CY-A4082 CY-A40102
The heating part parameters
Heating area Up 8 /Down 8 Up10/ Down 10
Number of cooling zone Top 2/ Bottom 2  or Top 3 /Bottom 3
Heating zone length 2790 mm 3107 mm
Transportation part parameters
PCB maximum width 400mm
Rail wide adjust range 50-400mm
Transport direction L→R(R→L)
Fixing method of transport guide rail Front/back end
Conveyor height Belt 900±20mm,Chain 900±20mm
Transmission way Chain drive + Chain drive
Conveyor speed 300-2000mm/Min
Control part parameters
The power supply 3-phase 380V 50/60hz
Start power 38Kw 58Kw
Normal work consumed power Approx.7.5Kw Approx.8.5Kw
Heating up time About 15-20 minutes
The temperature control range Room temperature -300℃
Temperature control mode Full computer PID closed loop control, SSR drive
The whole machine control mode Computer +PLC
The temperature control precision ±1℃
The deviation of PCB temperature distribution ±1-2℃
Cooling way Air machine: air cooling, nitrogen machine: water cooling
Abnormal alarm Abnormal temperature (ultra high or ultra low after constant temperature)
Three color light Yellow - temperature rise; Green - constant temperature; Red anomaly
 The body parameter
Weight Approx.1700Kg Approx.1900Kg
Installation dimensions(mm) L5050×W1400×H1450 L5750×W1400×H1450
Exhaust air requirements 10 cubic / min 2 channel ∮ 200mm
Nitrogen part (optional)
Nitrogen protection device Nitrogen flow 20-30 m3 / h, oxygen concentration 500-800ppm
The external water cooling system Power 3P refrigeration speed ≥ 6 ℃ / sec
Name Brand/origin
PLC Siemens/Germany
Control Computer Dell/America
AC contactor Chint/China
Disconnector Chint/China
SSR Cheng Yitai/Taiwan
Transducer Asiantime/China
Intermediate relay Omron/Japan
Relay Omron/Japan
Insurance seat/ Fuse Chint/China
Switching Mode Power Supply Ming Wei/Taiwan
Three color model light Ou En/China
UPS Power Supply Santak/America
Optoelectronic switch Cheng Yitai/Taiwan
Button switch Cheng Yitai/Taiwan
Conveyor motor Tai Chuang/Taiwan
Heating tube Tai Zhan/Taiwan
Cylinder AirTAC /Taiwan
Solenoid valve AirTAC /Taiwan
Pressure regulating valve AirTAC /Taiwan
Blower Motor San Yue/Taiwan
Item Quantities
Tool case 1 set
Allen wrench 1 set
Monkey wrench 1 set
 Sharp-nose pliers 1 set
Cross screwdriver 1 set
Straight screwdriver 1 set
SSR 1 set
Octagonal relay 2 pcs
Fuse 2 pcs
Manual 1 pcs

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