SMT stencil Printer GKG G5

G5 is high accuracy and high stability of the fully automatic printing machine vision,GKG followed in SMT industry is the development trend of production of a new generation of fully automatic printing machine with the international leading technology synchronous vision, visual processing of high resolution, high precision of the transmission system, suspension adaptive scraper.

Products Details

GKG Series High Precision Automatic Solder Paste Printer designed for high precision steel mesh printing or stencil printing in SMT industry. Printing PCB size:50mm x 50mm ~400x340mm; PCB thickness: 0.4mm ~ 6mm FPC thickness: ≦0.6mm (Excluding jig) Applicable pitches of Components SMT Components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diode and triode: 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 and other specifications; IC: support SOP, TSOP, TSSOP, QFN packaging, min. pitch 0.3mm; support BGA, CSP packaging min. ball 0.2mm; Applicable PCB Types Applicable to PCB types of mobile phone, communication, LCD TV, STB, family cinema, vehicle electronics, medical power equipment, aerospace and aviation, besides general electronics products.All new 3rd generation stencil X beam structure, add solder paste operators more convenient and accurate placement steel net; New type torque X beam, solve the solder paste and dust deposition, prolong the service life of the machine;
Item Parameter
Repeat Position Accuracy ±0.01mm(Test data and method are available)
Printing Accuracy ±0.025mm(Test data and method are available)
Printing Speed / Cycle Time <8s (Exclude Printing & Cleaning)
Products Changeover <5Min
Screen Stencil Size/Min-Max 737mm X737mm
Screen Stencil Size/Thickness 20mm ~ 40mm
PCB Size/Min-Max/Thickness 50X50mm-400X370mm/0.4~6mm
PCB Warpage Ratio <1%(Based on diagonal length)
Bottom of Board Size 15mm(Standard configuration), 25mm
Edge of Board Size 3mm
Conveyor Height 900±40mm
Conveyor Direction Left-Right; Right-Left; Left-Left; Right-Right
Conveyor Speed 100-1500mm/sec Programmable control
Board Positioning Support System Magnetic pin/Side support block/Flexible automatic pin(optional)
Clamping System Elastic side clamping/Vacuum nozzle/Extension-type Z-direction table setting
Print head Two indepandent Motorised printheads
Squeegee Speed 6~300mm/sec
Squeegee Pressure 0-10kg software control(closed-loop pressure feedback), pressure value visible
Squeegee Angle 60°(Standard )/55°/45°
Squeegee Type Steel squeegee (standard), rubber squeegee, and other types of squeegee shall be customized.
Steel Mesh Separation Speed 0.1~20mm/sec Programmable Control
Cleaning Method Dry-type, wet-type, vacuum-type ( Programmable combination of Cleaning methods)
Table Adjustment Range X:±3mm; Y:±7mm θ:±2°
Type of Fiducial Point Standard geometry shape of fiducial point, bonding pad / Stencil hole
Camera System Single digital camera for upward/downward vision system
Air Pressure 4~6Kg/cm2
Air Consumption Approx 0.07m3 /min
Control Method PC Control
Power Supply AC:220±10%,50/60HZ 1Φ 1.5KW
Machine Dimensions/Weight Depends on exactly model
Operation Temperature -20°C ~ +45°C
Operation Humidity 30%~60%
Scalable on pressure device, in view of easy deformation of the PCB printing can make the tablet out, don't need to use pressure for a little while can back again. According to the product flexible useX Y1 Y2 in U.S. HAYDON linear motor, the Japanese precision drive screw, self-lubricating guide rail, to ensure accuracyThe whole machine use imported self-lubricating guide rail, guide rail need not add lubricant, within five years guide free maintenance within five years.Net frame Y to automatically locate, can quickly realize automatic stencil counterpoint;Curved blade beam using high strength steel, in the printing process to ensure the stability of the print head; Floating type scraper system, the unique elastic stay device, can very good protection in scraper drop process stencil and scraper.

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