CY High Precision Selective PCBA Conformal Coating Line with IR /UV Curing Oven

Online track design, which can be connected with other equipment online; Support offline programming and manual teaching programming methods; Configure exhaust gas discharge port Equipped with SMEMA interface to communicate with other devices Optional glue level alarm system Optional CCD visual positioning system

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The equipment adopts industrial computer control, windowssa7 operating system. Driven by servo motor + ball screw, with automatic precision calibration function, which can automatically eliminate errors; The equipment track automatic pressing function, the spraying accuracy is higher, the repeat accuracy is improved, the glue is isolated from contact with the transportation chain, and the maintenance cycle is reduced; It can carry two or more sets of valve bodies at the same time to increase production capacity and realize splicing spraying; Equipped with coating valve automatic soaking and automatic spitting device, which can avoid the clogging of the valve mouth, and the maintenance is convenient and quick;Machine Size(L*W*H):L2300*W980*H1200mm Special Aluminum alloy guide rails and rubber belt Magazine lifting with screw rod by 90W electric-brake motor which made in Taiwan Pneumatic PCB clamping structure Attach one set 0.7m length pcb conveyor Programmable Mitsubishi PLC and controller1. Modular design, optional assembly as per client’s requirement.  2. Rugged steel design, improves equipment stability . 3. Smooth stainless steel screw to adjust the width of the rail.  4. Variable speed control. 5. Circuit board testing mode. 6. Using a dedicated aluminum slot for transfer orbit to prevent PCB stuck.  7. Heavier bottom design, not easily shift.1. Instant drying, high production efficiency. 2. After drying, the printing surface can achieve high hardness, high gloss, friction   resistance, solvent resistance effect. 3. Transmission by roller shaft, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. 4. Selection of high quality and efficient lamp, lamp room forced heat exhaust,   prolong the life of the lamp, protect dry goods will not be deformed by heat.1. Control system:Instrument or PLC+touch screen control, make sure machine working steadily. 2. UV lamp lifetime can reach 1000-1200 hour, the energy of UV is higher and the penetration ability of the coating is stronger. abnormal lamp protection device. 3. Conveyor belt made by Teflon materials, has no pole speed regulation, and speed is stable and adjustable. 4. Focus design, import high light reflector lamp shade, instant drying, fast speed.. 5. Independent cooling area ensures the low temperature when PCB comes out. 6. Transmission system use imported motors, speed adjuster, smoothly running, adjustable speed at 0-2000mm/min. 7. Stainless steel chain transportation, the effective width is 50-450mm, the width can be adjusted.
Frame size L1060mm*W1200mm*H1700mm
Weight 760kg
Method of control Industrial computer + motion control card
Programmatically Manual teaching
Run the software Chengyuan Coating Machine Intelligent Selective Control Software
PCB Transmission height 900±20mm
Transportation speed Max 300mm/s
Transmission direction Left → right
transfer method Stainless steel chain + stepper motor
PCB Width range 50-450mm
Method of width Stepping motor automatically adjusts the width
X、Y Shaft drive mode Servo motor + high-precision screw module
X、Y Maximum operating speed of shaft 1000mm/s
X.Y Axis positioning accuracy 0.02 mm
Z Maximum operating speed of shaft 500mm/s
Z Shaft drive Servo motor + high-precision screw module
Z Axis positioning accuracy 0.02 mm
Valve up and down Slide cylinder
Number of valves 2 pcs
Valve type Cone valve/needle atomization valve
PCB Board size MAX W50mm*L460mm
PCB Board component height MAX 100mm
Coating width 1-30mm(According to the type of valve)
Tank volume 10L Glue supply pressure tank
Cleaning bucket 500mL
Cleaning function The equipment comes with cleaning function
Lighting part The equipment comes with white light and purple light
power supply AC220V
Gas source ≥0.4MP
Total power 2.5KW
Automatic cleaning device Standard
Barcode scanning function Optional
CCD Visual positioning Optional
PCB Automatic loading to conveyor Operation Control system: Touch Panel controlled interface Power: 220V 50HZ Air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa The max store PCB Quantity:50pcs One set Electronic control box

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