Wave Soldering for SMDs: A Guide for Passive Component Placement

2023-04-06 11:23:02 By : Mr. Guanglin Wang
and Surface Mounted Devices (SMDs).

SMT (Surface Mount Technology) has revolutionized the electronics industry by improving the efficiency and precision of electronic devices. SMT soldering is an assembly process used to connect SMDs to printed circuit boards (PCBs) by means of conductive adhesives or molten solder.
Wave Soldering SMT | ITW EAE

Reflow soldering is the most commonly used technique in SMT assembly, where components are heated to a specific temperature, causing the solder to liquefy and create a permanent bond with the PCB. However, wave soldering may still be required for some components, particularly for those placed on the bottom side of the PCB.

Wave soldering is a process used to connect leaded components, such as through-hole components or SMDs held in place with adhesive, to the PCB. The technique involves heating the PCB to a high temperature, passing it over a wave of molten solder, and allowing the solder to flow onto the through-hole or SMD leads.

SMDs are often wave soldered using selective wave soldering, which means that only the intended components are exposed to the wave of molten solder. This is achieved by using fixtures that hold the PCB in place and mask off areas that are not to be exposed to the wave.

Selective wave soldering ensures that SMDs are soldered accurately and without damage, protecting them from heat and shock, which may occur during manual soldering or other techniques.

Wave soldering is an efficient and reliable method for connecting through-hole and SMD components to PCBs. It provides a uniform and consistent joint, ensuring that electronics products work effectively and reliably.

At ITW EAE, we provide a range of industrial SMT and wave soldering ovens to meet the varied needs of the electronics industry. Our state-of-the-art systems are designed to enhance the quality, precision, and reliability of wave soldering processes.

In conclusion, wave soldering is an essential process to ensure the reliable and efficient assembly of electronics products. With selective wave soldering, SMDs can be connected to PCBs with precision and accuracy, without the risk of damage or overheating. At ITW EAE, we provide proven solutions for wave soldering ovens that meet the high demands of the electronics industry.

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