Lead-free Wave Soldering machine CY-300S

Body linear design, spray process, beautiful and elegant, durable Two separate 1.2m preheating zones, infrared preheating, make the PCB board get good welding results The newly invented ultra-stable and ultra-high filter source generator greatly reduces the oscillation of tin flow left inside.Smooth tin wave, large reduction of oxidation, simple maintenance Precision modular design of transmission mechanism, accurate transmission, long life and easy maintenance Auto switch can be made according to the date, time and temperature control parameters set by the user Closed-loop auto-tracking spray system with automatic adjustment of spray width and spray time and setting of advance and delay sprays as needed Automatic wave starting through plate, adjustable tin furnace peak width, minimize tin oxidation

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With Lumina (Japan) nozzle, adjustable nozzle height 50-80mm with 20-65mm spray range and maximum flow rate 60ml/min Use Adeke (Taiwan) filter, pointer gauge shows air pressure, all spray system trachea are acid and alkali resistant anti-corrosion trachea The spray system uses a scanning spray mode, which is controlled by a combination of a limit switch and an entry glare. The inductive spray is automatically detected on the PCB board according to the speed and width of the PCB board. Making the wetting range of flux reach the best effect, the imported nozzle and stepping motor are efficient, stable and reliable The stainless steel bent-shaped tray under the nozzle is used to load waste water and flux, and can be freely pumped out for cleaning. The exhaust system is an overlapping automatic recovery system, with three layers of stainless steel wire mesh filtration, which uses the fluid characteristics to maximize the filtration of excess flux and reduce residual blockage of flux in the exhaust pipe Pneumatic air knife blows excess flux during spraying into the recycling box to prevent flux from entering the preheating zone and ensure safe production Full stainless steel structure + aluminium alloy bracket, easy to clean and maintain, strong corrosion resistance, durable
Model CY-300S
Control mode Touch screen + PLC
Transport motor 1P AC220V 60W
PCB width 50-300mm(w)
Preheating zone Power: 9KW Length: (1200mm section infrared preheating PID control)
Solder Box heating 9KW (room temperature - 300 C)
Solder box capacity 300Kg
Wave motor 3P AC 220V 0.37KW*2pcs,Brand:Tai Chuang(Taiwan)
Pawl wash pump 1P AC220V 6W
Cooling Normal air cooling
PCB Transport Direction L→R /(R→L)
Nozzle movement Stepper motor
Scaling powder  6 LITRES
Flux pressure 3-5BAR
Welding angle 4-7℃
Power supply 3P AC380V 50Hz
 Total power/operating 18KW4KW
Weight 1100KG
Body dimensions 2800(L)x1200(W)x1700mm(H)
Exterior dimensions 3550(L)x1200(W)x1700mm(H)
4mm SUS316L imported stainless steel bladder, new bladder design, beautiful appearance, easy cleaning, cast iron heating plate, bladder does not distort Disturbance peaks, guided jets, SMD components are best welded, with smooth peaks like mirrors Tin slag oxidation: The amount of tin slag produced in 10 hours is 3KG, calculated at 300pcs per hour with PCB board 200*200mm as test plate

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